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Alert: COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing

Clinical and Rural Health Research Department

Mission: to connect members of the North Country to innovative and modern medical treatment options in a safe and trusted way, while contributing to the scientific community through a rural health lens.


Through the promotion of clinical research involvement, education, and compliance, we deliver high-quality industry, investigator-initiated, and rural health research.


By partnering with pharmaceutical and device companies, St. Lawrence Health System offers our patients, families, and providers the opportunity to take part in a variety of national and international clinical studies of new and existing medications and treatment options.


The research department provides support to providers and staff who want to pursue scientific interests outside of their every-day clinical practice. These projects include publishing interesting case reports as well as developing and executing their own retrospective/prospective observational studies.


Some investigators choose to develop internal studies to better understand the North Country patient population. These insights help us address the unique challenges faced by health systems in rural areas. To do this, we use various types of methods and analyses, including machine learning algorithms and data mining.


St. Lawrence Health System’s Clinical Research Department has been awarded $216,359 in funding through the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The award is being used to train St. Lawrence Health System providers, clinical staff, and patients in the area of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research. Specifically, the program aims to provide education on how to best identify and address questions and outcome measures of importance to patients and the community, making sure to include the patient voice in research question formulation, and research design, implementation, and results sharing. If you are interested in hearing more, or would like to become involved, please reach out to or (315) 261-6311.

COVID-19 Public Information Webinars

Topic: Vax Versus Fiction: Answering Questions and Presenting the Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines
Discussion includes comparing the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, vaccination safety, phased approach to vaccine distribution, herd immunity, and how to prepare to get the vaccine and what to expect. 
Guest Speaker: Canton-Potsdam Hospital Infectious Diseases Physician Assistant Kylie Broughal
Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
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Topic: COVID-19: Fact Versus Fiction
          Discussion included COVID-19 compared to the flu, the effectiveness of masks and social distancing, and COVID-19 testing. Watch a recording of the webinar.

Topic: COVID-19 in Rural America
          Discussion included how COVID-19 can be treated, and how the pandemic is different here than in urban America. Watch a recording of the webinar.

COVID-19 Questionnaire

We want to know what issues related to COVID-19 are important to you.

Kindly fill out this brief questionnaire and share your thoughts and concerns with us.

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Videos

Learning Together, Leading Together: Shaping Patient-Centered Research in the North Country
3-Part Series

Part 1: Introduction To and Examples Of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research
Watch a recording of the webinar.

Part II: Research Methods and Engagement Principles
Watch a recording of the webinar.

Part III: Key Considerations for Engaged Research and the Importance of PCOR and Community Involvement
Watch a recording of the webinar.

What Does PCOR Mean To You? (video)

Watch the video on What Does Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Mean To You?

Jennie Flanagan
Jennie Flanagan, RN, MHA
Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator
Caryn Harrington
Caryn Harrington
Clinical Research Assistant
Daniel Jaremczuk, CCRP
Daniel Jaremczuk, CCRP
Clinical Research Coordinator I
Carly Lovelett, CCRP
Carly Lovelett, CCRP
Director of Clinical Research
Kylie Sands, CCRP
Kylie Sands, CCRP
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator